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About The Alumni Foundation

The Roosevelt Alumni Foundation (RAF) seeks to support our alma mater, President Theodore Roosevelt High School, its students, faculty, staff and alumni in a variety of ways. These include seeking funds for scholarships, grants and other specific needs.

Individual alumni and classes also make gifts to the foundation for the benefit of the school and its alumni or for scholarships. As a designated non-profit organization, donations to the RAF are tax deductible.

The RAF also supports Roosevelt’s Hall of Fame by administering the nomination process and hosting an anniversary event to honor those selected at least every five (5) years

The purpose of the RAF’s scholarship program is to provide financial aid to graduates of Roosevelt High School who demonstrate ability, desire and have a financial need to pursue academic, trade or vocational school goals in Hawaii.

In addition to offering scholarships to RHS graduates, the RAF also provides support to Roosevelt High School by providing grants to support the school. Our projects include campus beautification and other needs. The RAF adopted the Friends of Roosevelt Project Grad (“FRPG”) in 2007. As the group’s fiscal sponsor, all donations to FRPG, are also tax deductible.

In 1993, the Roosevelt Alumni Foundation (“RAF”) was formed and obtained a non-profit designation – 501c(3), from the Internal Revenue Service in 1996, making all donations to the RAF tax deductible.

About The Alumni Association

The Roosevelt High School Alumni Association (“RHSAA”) began in the mid-1960’s as an informal group of Roosevelt graduates who were living in California and got together periodically.  In October 1973 the mainland group was joined by alumni living in Hawaii and the group was incorporated in the State of Hawaii in 1975 as the Rough Riders of Hawaii.  In 1979 the group changed its name to Roosevelt High School Alumni Association.

The RHSAA serves as an umbrella organization for the individual classes that graduated from President Theodore Roosevelt High School and seeks “to develop a social and fraternal program for and a spirit of fellowship among its members…to rekindle and strengthen their ties to Theodore Roosevelt High School.”  It publishes a quarterly newsletter, which provides news by and about RHS alumni as well as what’s currently happening at Roosevelt and co-hosts with the RAF an annual Ho’olaule’a – a get together for alumni.

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