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Dear fellow Roosevelt High School Alumni,

Having attended and/or graduated from Roosevelt High School requires one more step if you are not already a member of the RHS Alumni Association/Roosevelt Alumni Foundation (RHSAA/RAF).  As an Alumni, membership is not automatic.  All it takes is a mere $5.00 per year, if you prefer lifetime status, $50.00 (age 62 years and older) or $100.00 for all others to become a voting member of this organization.

As President, I am encouraging you to join the Roosevelt Alumni Association/Roosevelt Alumni Foundation.

The Alumni Association serves as an umbrella organization for the individual classes that have passed through the halls at Roosevelt High School.  This organization seeks “to develop a social and fraternal programs for bolstering a spirit of fellowship among its members”.  In doing so we can rekindle their ties to Theodore Roosevelt High School with you on board.  We publish quarterly Newsletters to keep you abreast of the latest goings on with your schoolmates and the school campus.  We allocate funds for RAF scholarships awards for graduates of Roosevelt High School and support RHS financially as needed.  We encourage Rough Riders from all classes to keep the Spirit of RHS alive.

The Roosevelt Alumni Foundation was incorporated in August of 1993 and received a 501c(3) status in August 1997.  The Foundation has similar goals to the RHSAA, but in addition, it seeks and manages scholarship funds for the graduates of Roosevelt High School and helps fund other projects that support Roosevelt High School.  All donations to the Roosevelt Alumni Foundation are tax deductible.

                                                                                    GARRETT OGAWA
President, RHSAA/RAF

Join the Roosevelt High School Alumni Association today! There are 3 levels of membership, yearly and lifetime and lifetime for those over 65 years of age. Annual Subscription will automatically renew on your payment method used when subscribing

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